Japan, a country of rich culture, history, and natural beauty, is visited yearly by millions of people from around the world. Along with those visitors, the number of foreigners who decide to live in Japan to learn the language, work, and fully immerse themselves have been steadily growing over the years. With the upcoming Olympics, and Japan’s need for a larger foreign labor force, the number of foreigners who come to Japan to live and be a part of Japanese society is expected to sharply increase.



This has been the source of great concern for Japanese society. Are these foreigners serious about learning the unique customs, language, and culture of Japan? Won’t cultural differences cause more friction than it is worth? COLORFUUUL would like to answer those questions.



COLORFUUUL was created to show Japan the positive side of their foreign population. We are here to study hard, work hard, and become productive members of Japanese society. Our goal is to not to dilute Japanese culture, but to celebrate it while sharing our own unique cultures!


全世界共通の言語であるダンスと歌、そしてボランティア活動を通して、僕らが大好きな日本をより一層素晴らしい国にしたい。COLORFUUULの目標は、外国人に対するポジティブなイメージを広げ、国際交流と異文化への理解を促し、日本に住んでいる外国人の模範になることである。みんなで力を合わせて頑張ろう!LET’S BE COLORFUUUL!

Through the universal language of song and dance and through volunteer work and social outreach, we plan to show Japan we are serious about supporting the country we love! Ultimately, we aim to spread a positive image of Japan’s foreign population, promote intercultural exchange, and create a model for future foreign residents to follow! LET’S BE COLORFUUUL!